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Why Buy Contemporary Couches from North Hem?

North Hem is changing the way people purchase furniture. The following couches and sofas provide our customers amazing furniture for setting up a living room, sitting room, or even changing up a bedroom design. North Hem is the perfect place to buy a sofa online for anyone living in Australia. For those who want to buy couches online, North Hem estimates 10-day delivery [link to shipping page] of our furniture.

Our mid-century modern sofas and Scandinavian couches for sale fit with many minimalist designs. For inspiration on how to integrate our modern couches for sale into your living room, get inspired on our blog.

These couches and sofas are perfect as a living room couch, or as an intimate loveseat sofa that brings two people together. Picture hosting friends as your living room sofa takes center stage in a mid-century modern living room. Plan a diverse layout including more than one couch or integrating a lounge with chaise to make your room the ideal of comfort and layout.