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If you are looking to put off an aura of artistic grandeur and elegance, then you’ve discovered North Hem for a reason.  Here at North Hem, we have searched the world for the perfect range of modern furniture that would appeal to the vibrant and peaceful trendy metropolitan that is Sydney.

The Artist

During one of our many travels across the world,  
we met someone on the Canal Saint-Martin of
Paris, France.  I remember the day as if it were
yesterday.  The sky was the bluest I had ever 
seen it and completely free of clouds.  It reflected 
clearly in the gentle water.  Despite the numerous
tourists and locals out and about, there was a 
sudden moment of silence, broken only by the 
chirping of the birds.

We noticed her then.  She was alone, sitting on 
the edge of the canal.  She was taking in the 
beauty of the morning just as we were.  On her 
face was a soft smile as she gazed into the water.

We knew exactly who and what she was.  It  
wasn’t in the way she dressed or the way she 
wore her hair, but something in the way she 
moved.  She had an aura to her that was 
undeniable.  It was in the way her fingers touched 
the ground, in the way her eyes shifted across 
the way.

She was an artist.


The Deal

We approached her and she spoke to us as if she
already knew what we would ask.  There was a
distinct French accent to her voice.  She brought us
to her workshop and showed us design after design
and piece after piece.  Each and every one was
handcrafted to perfection – the most beautiful and
elegant furniture we had seen in ages.

“My work isn’t for everyone,” she said firmly.  “Not
everyone could appreciate what I do here in the way
it’s meant to be.  It’s too special for just anyone to

There was such a passion in her tone.  When we
responded, her soft smile turned into a bright grin.
  She heard the passion in our voices as well.  She
knew that if anyone could do her work justice and
find the right people to sell her work to, it would be

We knew exactly what she stood for.  Exclusivity,
appreciation, art…all put together to create
something that few could own and even fewer could
truly appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of.

And with that, we had made another deal to bring
Sydney only the most perfect and rare furniture
pieces the world has to offer.







Not everyone deserves to own these works of art.  What do you think?  Do you deserve it?

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