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The sunny city of Perth is the remote pearl of Western Australia and is nicknamed the City of Lights for its vibrancy.  Here at North Hem, we have made it our goal to travel the world for unique and magnificent furniture that would truly suit an elegant and modern city nicknamed after bright beauty.

perth showroom with daytona storage ottoman

The Penpal

I’ve always had a great fascination with travelling.
  It was insane how different some parts of the world
were from others.  All of the different languages and
cultures…I wanted to explore it all!

3 hours away from me was my first destination –
Bali, Indonesia.  After saving everything I could from
my first job and first paychecks, I finally had enough
to go!  Bali had always seemed so close but so far.

It was stunning there, and I learned so much about
the life and culture there.  I even learned a few
Indonesian words.

That’s where I met her.  She had the prettiest laugh I
had ever heard, like chiming bells.  We exchanged
social media before I left and became pen pals.  Not
a day went by where we didn’t talk.

Flash forward a few years later, and we were


The Move

We prepared her move to my home in Perth and
married in Indonesia.  On our last day there, bags
packed and ready, she told me how bittersweet it
all was.

“To just leave everything behind, it feels strange.
  Like a piece of me will be gone.”

She was happy to come with me, I knew this much.
  We had been planning this move for years, but
there was always a sadness in leaving behind one
life for another.

“Let’s bring Bali with us then,” I said.

She smiled again, and that was that.  We brought
back her favourite chair.  A piece of her home back
in Bali.  It seemed small, but it meant something

From then on, we always brought back a piece of
furniture from our travels around the world.  A small
part of everywhere we loved integrated into our
perfect home, like a museum of memories.

perth showroom with bess chairs


You don’t need to travel the world for a little piece and a little memory of everywhere.  Bring the world home with you.

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