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The rich cultural scene and laneways of Melbourne have come to enchant the world with its diversity and beauty.  At North Hem, we have made it our lifelong goal to travel the world for only the most beautiful furniture pieces to bring to Melbourne in celebration of its own stylish culture and beauty.


The Cafe

During one of our many travels across the world, we
chanced upon a café in Japan.  Something had attracted
us to the small and quaint place.  We stil aren’t sure
what pulled us in initially.  It may have been the
aroma of fresh cinnamon cookies or the friendly
chatter from inside or the welcoming sign on the door
inviting us to pop in for a bite.

When we entered, we immediately took notice of the
interior.  It was absolutely stunning.  The perfect
wood grains of the tables, the soft plush seats, the
elegant industrial lights hanging above us.  Even the
curtains and the coffee scoop made us stop in our
tracks to stare in awe.

Oblivious to our enchantment, the cashier – who
owned the café – smiled warmly and offered us
a cup of coffee each.  We gladly accepted and then
sunk into one of the snow-white chairs that gave us
the best view of the little café.  When our warm cups
arrived, we couldn’t help but ask about the furniture,
and the woman’s face fell, but with a smile.  To our
surprise, she sat with us.


The Dream

“You’re not the first one to ask,” she sighed.  “And it
gets no easier with time.”

She told us about her husband.  He had been a
woodworker to many, but she always knew that he
was much more than that, with a talent and passion
that went much deeper.  He had created nearly
every piece of furniture in the café, and even most
of the textiles.

Her dream had always been to open a café, and
she had succeeded well.  However, his dream was
always to create furniture, which he had in a way –
for their home and for his wife’s café.  Still, he had
always wanted to take it further and to spread his
work across the world.  Unfortunately, his dream
never saw the light of day, and he passed away
before he could find a way to accomplish his goal.

The woman told us that she was renting out a
storage unit where she kept his unused work.  She
loved every piece as much as she loved him but
planned to try and achieve his dream for him one
day and sell the last of his pieces to people who
would use them and love them as much as she did.

When we told her what we do, she nearly broke
down into tears.  As we left the café later in the day,
her contact information in hand, we could have
sworn we heard her whisper behind us;

“There is no such thing as chance.  This was
glorious fate.”






As for you, do you believe that you found us by chance, or was this fate?  Can you love these pieces enough to make an old dream come true?

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