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Gold Coast

The natural beauty, bright beaches, and colourful amusement parks of the Gold Coast have made it famous across the world.  At North Hem, we have searched the world for furniture for your home that can be in tune with the sunny, vibrant beaches and people of the Gold Coast.

gold coast delphi chair at showroom

The Breakup

My biggest mistake was letting my boyfriend of 5
years move in with me.  I should have seen the
signs, in all honesty.  In our 5 years of being
together, we only ever fought when we spent long
periods of time together.

Vacations, sleepovers, overnight visits to
family…those were all the times we’ve gotten into
horrible arguments that never really reach a

Somehow, it took me 2 more years of living with him
to realize what I had done.  He broke a glass in his
anger – and though it was an accident – the sound
somehow snapped me out of it.

We were both fine people, and I believe we loved
each other somewhat, but we just didn’t click the
way we should have…

We broke up that night and I sent him away.


The Reinvention

Even though I had initiated the breakup, it still hurt
immensely.  I was torn up.  Just like that, a 7-year
relationship was down the drain and I was all alone.

But the worst part of all…my house was now
tainted with his memory.  Everything reminded me
of him.  I could still see him lounging on the sofa
and sitting at the dining table.  He was everywhere.

I booked a flight to Germany just to get away from it
all.  While window-shopping, I stumbled upon – of
all things – a hand-crafted sofa and a dining table.

It was like a light shining down on them.  The two
main objects in my home giving me grief, and here
were brand new ones, thousands of miles away
from all our memories!  Untouched!

I knew exactly how to reinvent myself now.  With
furniture from all across the world, I could make
new memories for myself, and fill my home with just
me, removing every ounce of what used to be.

gold coast bess chairs on display







Reinvent yourself.  Reinvent your home.  With unique furniture from across the world, untouched, you can awaken something entirely new, entirely you.

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