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Famous for being a political epicentre, Canberra has something to prove with its ever-growing lively cultural scene.  At North Hem, we want to help you evolve your home to change with the times and trends, so we have searched the world for designer furniture that would make any Canberran proud.

green velvet probe pouf on display at canberra showroom

The Rut

I was bored.

I was bored of my job, I was bored of my house, I
was bored of where I lived.

Every day seemed to drone on exactly the same as
the day before.  I was stuck in a rut, but no one had
ever taught me how to climb or dig.  I was scared
that this would be the rest of my life...just stuck in
what felt like Groundhog day.

I knew something had to change, but what?  My job
paid fine, and my house was close to necessities.  In
an attempt to find some kind of nuance, I spent all
my earnings on shopping, just buying whatever I
liked at the time.  It took mere days for me to realize
half the stuff I bought already bored me.

Then, one day, my friend handed me a ticket to
Malaysia.  I was stunned.  He explained that he had
won them in a lucky draw but was getting married
the same week of the trip.

I had never travelled before, but this seemed like a
sign.  So, I packed my bags and was on a free
two-way trip three weeks later.


The Minimalist

I had the time of my life travelling across Malaysia.
  It had been so long since I felt so alive.  There was
so much to see and so much to do in this world.

On a random encounter, I met someone selling
furniture in a small shop by a tourist spot.  Curious,
I looked through and was astounded by how unique
the pieces were compared to the drab pieces in my
own home.  Still, I could only afford so much on this
free trip, so I returned home empty-handed.

It hit me fast when I stepped into my house after
my week-long adventure.  Looking around at the
random clothing and nick-nacks across the floor, I
knew what to do.

I no longer wanted to waste my money on random
things I’ve never use.  I wanted to save for travel
and save for furniture that would make my home
somewhere I’d want to come back to!  I wanted to
be a minimalist, and I knew that the countries
around the world could provide just the interior
décor I needed, so I could bring my travels home in
a meaningful way.

No day ever had to be the same again.

verna accent chairs on display at canberra showroom


Are you stuck in a rut of long days and meaningless purchases?  Whether you’re downgrading or upgrading, bring the world to you with designer furniture that means more than your latest whim.

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