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The world is in love with Brisbane for its enticing weather and grand luxury boutiques, art, and live music.  At North Hem, we have searched the world for the most perfect range of artistic and luxury furniture that could make the people of the bright city of Brisbane proud to own.

scandi bess dining chairs on display

The Influencer

For all my life, I have dreamed of living in the
utmost luxury.

My family was always merely surviving.  My
parents worked long hours and came home
exhausted every day.  As their only child, I knew
that it was my duty to work hard and give them
the peaceful and relaxing future they so

While I poured myself into my studies, I left
videos playing as background noise.  I quickly
took notice of the homes of these influencers.
Their homes were always beautiful and grand,
without the tackiness of gold-plated handles and
random crystal bowls scattered throughout the

It was beautiful modern luxury.

I wanted to be just like them!  I wanted to live in a
beautiful home without having to pay ridiculous
prices for tacky uninspired pieces, made only with
money in mind.


The Work

For the next few years, I worked day and night,
weekday and weekend to achieve my dreams.

I bought my first home, moved my parents in with
me, and purchased all the furniture of my dreams,
from natural oak dining tables to the softest grey
plush seats.  I nearly cried when I saw the home I
had created for myself and for my parents, who now
had time to relax at home and watch my videos.

I am so grateful every day for how much my parents
inspired me to work hard, and how much those
influencers inspired me to chase my dreams of
luxury and a beautiful home.

It won’t be long now.  My numbers are still rising.
  Before long, I’ll be able to afford those gold plated
handles and crystal bowls if I wanted to!  But for
now, I’m living happily in my self-made lap of luxury.

delphi accent chair from north hem on display


Luxury doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.  You deserve a beautiful and unique home with what you earn now, and to inspire others to chase that magnificent dream too.

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