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The bursting culture of Adelaide and its pure serenity and livability have brought millions to make it into a home.  Here at North Hem, we want to ensure that your home here looks and feels like one too, as we travel the world in search of unique furniture to bring back home to Adelaide.

scandi verna grey accent chairs from north hem

The Fear

One of my biggest fears is to be just like everyone

I noticed it when my teacher called me by someone
else’s name.  I noticed it again when I got a new
haircut and someone on the street mistook me for a
friend of theirs.  And again, when I tried a dating app
and the first person to swipe right on me said my
profile was like everyone else’s.

There was nothing wrong with everyone, and
nothing wrong with wanting to fit in.  But I wanted to
shine.  I wanted to be noticed in the crowd.  I wanted
to make a name for myself and make my mark on
the world!


I found out how when I bought my first house and
found myself in the 10th furniture shop of the week,
still having not chosen a single piece of furniture.
  That’s when I realized something.


The Trip

I realized – looking around – that everything looked
exactly the same as the previous furniture store.
  And the furniture there looked the same as the
furniture before that.  Everyone was selling the
same furniture, the same styles.

That meant that nearly everyone in the city had
furniture just like this.  Their homes must all look
the same inside because this was all there was.

A week later, on a business trip to Japan – my first
time there – I was stunned by all the subcultures
they had to offer.  On the city streets, I noticed
fashions of all kinds.  From frilly dresses, to soft
knitwear, to fingerless gloves.  I knew then – I had
to see the furniture.

Every furniture store I went to that day had
something entirely new to offer.  It hit me exactly
what I was meant to do.

Bringing these unique and brilliant pieces home to
break apart the norm was my new goal.

modern black tv entertainment unit from north hem on display


Do you want to be like everyone else, or do you want to shine beyond the norm and stand out in the crowd?  Give your home that special and unique touch to be like no other.

We are an online store, open 24/7

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