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North Hem Private Showrooms

Have you ever been browsing online for beautiful furniture and imagined yourself already draped over it? You’re relaxing in a
beautiful plush sofa or slipping into a luxurious chair. You smell fresh coffee and your mind wanders into the pages of a great book.
You order your new interior stylings and wait for them to arrive.

But when they do, they’re not what you expected. It’s a different colour, a different size, a different shape. It doesn’t fit your home
at all and your earlier dream is shattered. You’ve been let down by another retailer with a clumsy and difficult returns policy.
You know you’ll never get your money back.

pay the internet price for furniture shopping confidence

For online shopping ease, you can browse #northhem for the furniture you like.

While you’re experiencing our stunning range,
why not snap some photos and take part in our #northhem socials?