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Our Story

At North Hem, we pride ourselves on offering high quality, 
premium furniture at a reasonable price for our customers. 

Connecting you directly
to the designers and craftsmen

We are dedicated to providing you with affordable
designer furniture at a click of a button.

No buying agents. No massive inventories. No landlords.

We have effectively cut out the middle man, eliminating
hidden costs in the purchasing process. North Hem is a
space that connects our customers directly to emerging
designers and skilled craftsmen to ensure that
you succeed in creating your dream space.



Working with you

We understand browsing online removes the
tangible shopping experience.

However, North Hem is committed to still providing
our customers with the physicality that comes
with buying furniture.



Private Showrooms

We've partnered with private homes and
local businesses around Australia to showcase North Hem,
creating private showrooms for you to experience our
ranges and find the right fit for your home.

Learn more about our private showrooms