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FAQ & Contact

Do you have questions? Concerns?

We love when people use the contact form below to ask us any questions. But, to save you time, we have provided the answer to several of our frequently asked questions first. Look through them to see if your question has been answered. If not, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page. 

General questions

Do you have a showroom where I can see the designer pieces on display?

Yes, but our showrooms are very unique. We collaborate with some amazing cafes and galleries in local cities around Australia so that you can check out our furniture while you enjoy a coffee. You will find the details of the showroom on each of the product description.

I want to make sure the colour is right – how can I do this?

We know that computer monitors have different colour display settings. To make sure you love the colour of your chosen piece, we recommend viewing it on an Apple computer prior to purchase. We calibrate our images according to Apple settings because they offer the best in class graphics. Ask a friend or relative if you don’t have a compatible device. Alternatively, you can visit one of our Private Showrooms near you to check out our furniture in real life!

What is Private Showroom?

Living showrooms are a very different way to shop for designer furniture. Enjoy a coffee while you check out our products, on display at our favourite café or gallery near you.

Why do we do this?

We like to be different, but we do understand that many customers like to see products in real life before they order online. Our innovative Private Showroom concept allows you to try out our products – but we still keep quality designer furniture affordable by not having expensive showrooms and middle-men. 

What products are on display at your Private Showrooms?

Each café or gallery will have different products on display, and we collaborate with the owners to select styles and colours that compliment the existing décor. You will find the details of the showroom on each of the product description. 

The Private Showroom I visited doesn’t have the style or colour that I’m interested in. Can you please arrange for the item to be there? 

Our designers work with these businesses to curate quality furniture that is best suited to their cafe/gallery. We do refresh and change the styles from time to time so keep an eye out for updates. If there’s a product that you really love, please tell us so that we can do our best to help out.

What can I expect when I visit a Private Showroom?

You will see our stunning designer furniture in real life, being used in the same way as other café furniture.
The products may or may not be occupied by customers when you visit.
Check out our blog here to learn more about our amazing Private Showroom partners, or check out their menu before you visit.


Enjoy your visit, order something delicious to eat or drink and take the opportunity to enjoy our display products as you would in your home.
Respect the cafe owners, staff and other customers.


Please don’t ask the café owners or staff any detailed questions about our display products. Although they are super-friendly, these folks are busy running their business and they don’t have the product knowledge to help you out. Contact us if there’s anything you would like to know.
Please don’t interrupt other customers who are occupying your chosen seat or table.
We know it’s going to be love at first sight, but please don’t take the products home… 

I’d love to see your products in a café or gallery near me, how can I be part of this movement?

Fantastic, please contact us for more information!

When I visited the Private Showroom, I noticed some wear and tear on the display products. Why is that?

Some of the amazing cafes and galleries we collaborate with welcome hundreds of customers every day. It’s not surprising if a few chairs or tables around the place are showing signs of being well loved. However, we’re very confident in the quality and longevity of our products, the quality of their construction and we know that in your home they will never see the challenges of a commercial environment.

What is the countdown timer on the product page, and what does it mean?

 We work directly with selected craftsmen to reduce the cost to you, and for best value we group our orders together. When you see the timer counting down, this shows you when we will be placing our next order.

What if it the timer reaches zero before I place my order?

Don’t worry – you won’t miss out. It just means that your order might be grouped with a few others in our next batch.

Where does my item come from?

We hand-pick the most experienced craftsmen who are dedicated to quality. Often, these are the same craftsmen who supply the leading high-end furniture retailers. Items are crafted in a range of locations throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Can I customize my order, or choose a special fabric?

Although this service is not yet available – you can still get involved in choosing our designs before they come to life! – Visit this page for more information: 

What is the Design Vote?

This is an exciting way that you can get involved in curating the best designs. You vote for your favourite creations from emerging designers and we bring them to life! Get involved. 


Is it possible to cancel my order? I made a mistake.

Yes of course, providing your items have not yet been dispatched you can cancel the order any time. Once your items have been dispatched, you can arrange to send them back to us in their original packaging. We can offer a full refund, less shipping fees in this case. Contact us if you need assistance.

My items arrived with some damage. What should I do?

We conduct thorough quality control before shipping all items. If there is a problem with your item, please keep all of the original packaging and contact us as soon as possible. We might ask you to provide images or further information.

What if I change my mind?

We can accept returns for any reason within 30 days. Once the item is returned to us in its original condition, we can offer you a full refund minus any delivery fees.

Can I change the address for delivery?

Yes, this is easy if your item has not yet been dispatched. If it’s already in transit this can be a bit trickier and fees might apply– but please contact us and we will try our best to help you!

Can I change some of the items in my order?

We want you to love your purchase, and we will do our best to help. Contact us to discuss your needs.

I seem to have received the wrong order. Help!

We’re always very careful, but if there are any errors with your order we’ll work hard to resolve these for you straight away. Contact us for assistance.

How long until my order arrives?

Check the product page for the “Inventory Status”. If your item is in stock you can expect to see it within 10 working days.

If your item is not in stock, the “Inventory Status” should indicate how long until it arrives in the country. Once it arrives in our warehouse we will get it out to you within 10 working days.


I am still building the house or have a trip coming up – is it possible for you to hold onto my purchase?

One of the ways we bring you great prices on quality designer furniture is by reducing our overheads - which means we don’t have a huge warehouse. We would love to help, but we just don’t have the room to store your purchases before delivery.

Can I change the delivery address once my item has been dispatched?

This can be a bit tricky, and fees might be applicable – but please contact us and we will try our best to help you out!

How is my designer furniture delivered?

Your furniture is firstly inspected by our highly trained QC officer and then safely packaged for transit. It will be delivered and handled by a professional delivery driver.

Small items are inspected by our highly trained QC officer but sent by courier for quick delivery to your door.

Who will carry my item?

Large items are delivered to your door by one delivery driver, and you might need to lend a hand. We suggest asking a friend or relative if you can’t lift.

If this isn’t possible, or you have concerns about lifting, we can arrange a special 2-man delivery for an additional fee. Contact us to find out more.

Can you take away my old sofa?

We wish we could, but unfortunately this isn’t possible. Try calling your local opportunity shops to see if they need donated furniture – sometimes they will even pick up from your door.

Do I have to be at home to receive delivery?

Yes, you will need to be at home when your item arrives. If you miss the delivery driver we will try again at a different time. For multiple missed deliveries a fee might be charged.

If you can’t be home, you can choose to give us “authority to leave” your item on the doorstep, but please be aware that there will be no warranty for loss, theft or damage occurring after delivery. 

Can I pick up my item from you?

One of the ways we bring you affordable designer furniture is by minimizing our operating costs. That means that we don’t currently have a fully-staffed warehouse in your local area, so local pickup is not possible right now.

I’m a business customer and I’d like to order a large quantity of items from you in one purchase. How do I do this, and is there any discount on shipping?

Please contact us, we would love to help you with your bulk purchase. Businesses need affordable designer creations too!

How is the cost of shipping calculated?

To offer you the most competitive pricing, our shipping calculator will automatically calculate your fee based on the items purchased and your location. Let us know if you have any trouble locating your address or suburb in our system.

Do you offer after-hours or weekend delivery?

We have carefully selected our delivery providers to ensure that your item will be handled with care. Unfortunately they don’t currently offer after-hours or weekend delivery.

Can I choose the date and time that my order is delivered?

Once your item is dispatched we can give you an estimated delivery date, but unfortunately due to the way our delivery providers manage their routes we can’t choose the date and/or time of your delivery.

Returns & Refunds

What is your return and refund policy?

If you change your mind or you’re not completely satisfied, we offer a refund within 30 days. There are a few conditions - you can read about our return and refund policy here: 

How do I arrange a return?

Login into your account. Click “Completed” on the left menu to see your orders. Select the product you would like to return and follow the instructions.

How long do refunds take?

Once the item arrives back with us we will inspect the condition and then process your refund. Please allow 10 working days for the funds to appear in your account.

Private Showroom for Business Owners

How can my business get involved with this fantastic concept?

We would love to have you on board! Contact us to find out more.

Why are you loaning us the use of these products?

We like to do things differently at North Hem, and we make quality designer furniture affordable for our customers by not having expensive showrooms and sales staff. But we find that some people still like the comfort of seeing an item in real life before they shop online. That’s where your business comes in!

What can I expect when I exhibit your products? 

We will send in a blogger and photographer to write about your business and take some beautiful pictures. Please be prepared with a nice story about your business, what you specialize in etc. This service is complimentary.

We will direct as many customers as we can to visit your cafe to check out our products. We hope they will enjoy their visit as much as we do!

How should I care for the display items?

Use our products how you would normally in the course of your business. General wear and tear are expected and understood.

What products can I expect to have at my business? 

We want to make sure the products displayed at your premises will complement the style and décor. Tell us what you like best, or let our designer suggest something for you.

What should I do when your customers visit to inspect the products? 

There’s no need for you to do anything. Invite them to enjoy something from your menu, and if they have any questions about the products just direct them back to us. 

I’d like to know more, can I speak to other business owners who you collaborate with?

You can view some testimonials from our amazing café showroom partners here.

"If your cafe needs an injection of European stylish, than North Hem has the perfect solution.
Our customers have the benefit of enjoying a beautiful dining table and chairs while enjoying their coffee and Jason has the benefit of showcasing his stylish furniture without the overheads of a retail space.
It’s win win for everyone. We couldn’t be happier with our collaboration with North Hem."

Heather, Extraction Artisan Coffee

It has been such a pleasure working with North Hem Furniture. Not only has the furniture worked so beautifully with our Café but it has been so enjoyable working with someone who is as passionate about furniture as I am about Coffee. My only hope is that it is as beneficial to North Hem Augustina as it has been to Craft Coffee.

Andrew, Craft Coffee Albion

Why do you need to put tags or flyers on the products? 

We do this so that customers can easily identify pieces from North Hem, without interrupting you and your staff when you’re busy operating the business.

This sounds great, how can I get involved?

Please contact us, we would love to have you on board!

Need More Help?